Header image: Henri Lloyd in St Katharine Docks before the race start

Singapore – Qingdao


I wrote this in April and have just noticed that it had never been published, most likely because I needed to add the photograph of me and Peter that was taken by crewmate and friend Maaike Wassenaar. The morning of our arrival into Qingdao was cold, very cold, and I awoke after a mother watch…

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Hong Kong to Qingdao

Almost as soon as we left Hong Kong, it was cold and grey. On the way in to Hong Kong we had just about been able to get away with sailing in summer attire, maybe with one added layer, and foulie bottoms at night. That was no longer the case. Out came the merino wool…

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Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club

View of Hong Kong

We arrived in the dark. As Eric hoped, it was too late for the repair be done that day, and the refuelling station was closed. As we were securing our mooring lines, Invest Africa were running their engines prior to casting theirs off. I did manage to share a couple of minutes with Peter, and…

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En Route to Hong Kong

Working on my blog

Once given the devastating news, we took the Yankee down to reduce stress on the forestay and turned on the engine. Then we just got on with it. There was nothing else we could do. Watches were again reduced to six hours off duty and two on. As we had not been at sea for…

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Well, Eric and the watch leaders were looking more relaxed, until the day when Eric appeared on deck looking sombre, closely followed by the off watch. Something was up. “Race 9 to Qingdao is cancelled immediately. We are to make best speed under engine to Hong Kong, where our rig will be repaired.” Eric said…

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Something’s Wrong

You get to a point where you think you can sleep through anything – the noise of the winches as sheets are being tightened or slackened, or halyards raised or being released, the noise of the on watch as they move sails around the deck. You can even identify some of the tasks being performed…

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