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Conductive Education

The Foundation for Conductive Education is the charitable side of the National Institute of Conductive Education.

Logo of nice Cannon Hill House adult services provide movement rehabilitation for stroke survivors and people with cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s, among other motor disorders.

A wide range of part-time services is available for participants wishing to attend. Typically attendance will be weekly, fortnightly or monthly according to individual needs. Following an initial consultation an appropriate service will be discussed from the group options below:

  • Children with cerebral palsy aged 14yrs – 18yrs
  • Adults with cerebral palsy and acquired head injury aged 18+
  • People with Parkinson’s and parkinsonism
  • People with multiple sclerosis and ataxia
  • People who have survived a stroke
Cannon Hill House

Cannon Hill House

For those who have a different diagnosis from the above a suitable group or individual provision will be discussed with the participant prior to attendance. Conductors will, in this situation, seek a service which will meet all the specific needs of the individual.

Following my stroke and the subsequent physiotherapy, sessions of Conductive Education helped re-educate my brain to overcome some of the difficulties with which I still struggled. It started with an initial consultation then an intensive course of 10 sessions, all of which were free. Attendance then became less frequent with more practice in-between sessions and continued once a month for about a year even after I had started work again. These sessions were subsidised. I would not have made as good a physical recovery as I have without this help. Within the first two days of the intensive course I could stand on one foot and put on a sock!

I have always wanted to give something back to each of the charities that were so freely available to me after the stroke – I have already helped with fundraising for the other two charities which I found very helpful – this is the turn of the Foundation for Conductive Education.