Level 3

The Level 3 course apart from the fishcakes! October 9 2013 The Level 3 course apart from the fishcakes!

For the most part on our Level 3 course on August we had great weather and good winds – or our skipper Eric knew where to go to get good winds. However there was one night during which the wind died and I was dimly aware from the confines of my bunk of the other ...

Anyone for fishcakes? September 3 2013 Anyone for fishcakes?

The way the cooking duty fell on our recent Level 3 course had me preparing the main meal on three occasions, on top of which I had volunteered the first night. The cleaning up generally fell to my partner, Kevin. He also helped with serving when he came on watch. The menu was planned and the ...

Level 3 Training May 9 2013 Level 3 Training

My Level 3 training is booked to start on the 5th August.