Header image: Henri Lloyd in St Katharine Docks before the race start


Logo of nice - formerly known as Foundation for Conductive Education

nice adult services provide conductive education for stroke survivors and people with cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s, among other motor disorders and is committed to offering a free initial consultation and 10 free sessions to everyone who comes to the centre. After these sessions the fee is also subsidised to help ensure that as many people as possible can continue to attend. There is an annual fundraising target of £200,000 to help maintain these services.

I set my target when I was “only” to be taking part in the seventh leg of the Clipper 13-14 Yacht Race, a US coast to coast leg from San Francisco through the Panama Canal to Mexico and then back up north, finishing in New York. As this totals a distance of about 8,200 km, my fundraising target is £8,200.

I have since added the fifth leg, from Australia via Singapore to China, but my target remains unchanged.

I will be doing this fundraising for Cannon Hill House adult services, with a view to helping young stroke survivors like myself.

What does your donation buy?



  • £101.40 – an initial consultation, the first step for anyone wanting to know more about how Conductive Education can help them. This service is free for the person.
  • £67.60 – a 1.5hr small-group session, 10 of these are offered free to each new person coming.
  • £28.60 – a subsidy of the fee for any further sessions, enabling further sessions to be charged at only £39.

What does meeting my target mean?

Apart from being fantastic, raising my target of £8,200 would

  • allow 10 people to benefit from the initial consultation and 10 free sessions, plus one or two subsidised sessions each; or
  • allow 80 people to have a free initial consultation; or
  • provide 121 free sessions; or
  • subsidise 286 further sessions.