Header image: Henri Lloyd in St Katharine Docks before the race start

Henri Lloyd

Leg 7, Race 11, Henri Lloyd just before Race Start

Here’s my first post from California. Ray and I met Anita in San Francisco and we all enjoyed a few days holiday together. Race 11 started from San Francisco on Saturday 19th April and we were lucky enough to join other “friends and family” on a catamaran to follow the Parade of Sail and see…

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Leg 5, Race 9, Singapore to Qingdao – Result

Race 9 Result

I’m sorry that the title of this post doesn’t reflect the “actual” Race 9 which really turned into Race 9.1 Hong Kong to Shanghai. It became apparent that if the boats continued to race all the way from Hong Kong to Qingdao then the whole race timetable would become untenable. It was therefore decided by…

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Leg 5, Race 9, Singapore to Qingdao – Part 2 Hong Kong to Qingdao

Race 9 part 2

You will remember that Race 9 was halted for rigging repairs. All of the boats have now been repaired and the race has been restarted from a “point” outside Hong Kong. The boats are now fighting their way north up the Taiwan Strait. More news about the Hong Kong stop from Sarah on board Henri…

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Leg 5, Race 9, Singapore to Qingdao – Part 1

Race 9 part 1

So – Race 9 has well and truly started. Race 8 was an epic and ended with Henri Lloyd in first place, just four boat lengths in front of GREAT Britain. So far, Race 9 has had several obstacles to overcome.  Firstly the start wasn’t possible because there was no wind! What?? The start of…

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Leg 5, Race 8, Brisbane to Singapore – Result

The Old Pulteney Navigator Cup Winners in Singapore

Well, as you know, Henri Lloyd won Race 8A. Since then, the fleet has had a more relaxed time, swimming, training and generally tidying up. There has been some bartering of supplies between the boats as well. Then we saw that the leaders of the fleet seemed to have missed the start of Race 8B…

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Leg 5, Race 8, Brisbane to Singapore – Part 5

I thought you all might like to know what has been happening since January! First of all, some background information. Race 8 is divided into two parts, Race 8A and Race 8B. These are separated by a motor sail section. This is described far better by Clipper! The Clipper Race fleet is converging on the…

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