Header image: Henri Lloyd in St Katharine Docks before the race start

Australia – Singapore

Arrival into Singapore

On my last night watch as we approached Singapore crossing the busy Singapore Straits, I was struck as I came on deck by the overpowering stench and the huge number of lights. We had crossed the Straits by this time and were following Switzerland in to the marina. We still had to dodge many huge…

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Borneo, then Motorsailing to Singapore

Before the sun set I tried but failed to capture in a photo the vibrant greens of the jungle that surrounded the cove where we spent the night drifting before it was our turn to refuel. I also could not capture the sound of the birdsong at dusk. We were not allowed to go ashore…

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Borneo – what are we doing going to Borneo?

GB, sailing into the sunset

Written 12 February 2014, at sea The first part of race 8, Race 8A, seemed interminable. With unseasonal weather, we had spent a large part of the Race sailing upwind, as the wind was coming from where we needed to go, instead of neatly sailing downwind using the northwest easterly trade winds that didn’t come.…

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One month at sea

A coffee grinder

Written 12 February 2014, at sea Today I have been at sea for one calendar month. We left Brisbane way back on 12 January. It’s the longest I’ve ever been at sea, my previous being only two or three days. But also it’s the longest that any of the round-the-world crew members have been at…

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The End of Race 8A

Trimming a spinnaker

Written 11 February 2014, at sea The day after the pirate escapade, we were still determined to race. The finish line of Race 8A was now finally within our sights and we had decent wind that, for once, was not coming from where we needed to go. In the morning the distant sail of GB…

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One of the wake-up locations

Written 9 February 2014, at sea Being woken up is a fact of life when working in a watch system. So no-one minds. It is also the responsibility of the watch on duty to wake all the members of the oncoming watch, their reliefs. The best way is to say their name. If no response,…

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