Header image: Henri Lloyd in St Katharine Docks before the race start

About Me

Team Eric becomes ….

Henri Lloyd boat wrap

Today Clipper Ventures announced the identity of Team Eric’s boat sponsor. We already have, in no particular order Switzerland – Vicky GREAT Britain – Simon One DLL – Oliver Jamaica – Pete Qingdao – Gareth Old Pulteney- Patrick Derry-Londonderry – Sean Weeks of suspense led us up the garden path in our attempts to guess.…

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No Regrets

Race Map 13-14

Part of the crew allocation presentation, before we got told who our skipper and teammates are going to be, was a speech by Sir Robin Knox-Johnston in which he addressed the topic of not going through your life with any regrets. He said that as Clipper 13-14 crew members, we would not regret taking part.…

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Team Eric!

Crew Allocation Slide

Well, crew allocation came and we filed into a hall in the Guildhall in Portsmouth, each wearing our red Clipper race jackets. I had collected mine earlier, after joining the back of the queue that stretched all the way across the square in front of the Guildhall. It’s a bit big but on the next…

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You Passed!


“You Passed”. Such simple words, but spoken by the skipper as he gave me my feedback at the end of the Level 1 training course I took in February, they meant so much to me. I managed not to give him a hug so tight he would have had trouble breathing. I managed not to…

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The Day I Really looked at the Advert!

The Challenge of a Lifetime

I pass through Broxbourne Railway Station twice every day. Since early January 2012, I had vaguely been seeing an advertisement but not really taking much notice of it. Yes, it had sails, and the question “Could this be you?” all over it but I was on my way to or from work and in a…

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