Header image: Henri Lloyd in St Katharine Docks before the race start

The Day I Really looked at the Advert!

I pass through Broxbourne Railway Station twice every day. Since early January 2012, I had vaguely been seeing an advertisement but not really taking much notice of it. Yes, it had sails, and the question “Could this be you?” all over it but I was on my way to or from work and in a hurry.

The Challenge of a Lifetime

The Challenge of a Lifetime

The day after one of my friends asked me if I had returned to sailing yet, and more specifically had I applied for this Clipper race thing he’d been seeing adverts for, I actually stopped and read that advert PROPERLY. My first thoughts were “That’s what he meant. I couldn’t do that.”

My next thought was “Why not?”, and I noted down the contact details.

That was the start of this fantastic journey.