Year: 2014

Car Boot Overview

Car Boot Sale

I had been collecting books to sell at our events but still had lots left over. Each time we set up the book stall, people brought more books! We never seemed to reduce the numbers even though we did sell lots. We had also “inherited” the unsold items from the City of Birmingham Choir Bring… Read more Car Boot Sale

In Limbo.

Thursday 26 June. Land back in England. Monday 30 June. Back to work. A full week in the office after six months away? Someone didn’t plan that too well! Back to normality? Well, no, it didn’t feel that way. I felt a bit sort of in limbo I suppose. While I’d left Henri Lloyd in… Read more In Limbo.


I wrote this in April and have just noticed that it had never been published, most likely because I needed to add the photograph of me and Peter that was taken by crewmate and friend Maaike Wassenaar. The morning of our arrival into Qingdao was cold, very cold, and I awoke after a mother watch… Read more Qingdao

To Jamaica, Mon

From the start at crew allocation, our skipper Eric’s stated aim was to win the overall race, not just complete it. Quietly competitive and consistent, we realised by Panama that an overall win was a real possibility, though by no means guaranteed. We had narrowly come second in each of the previous two races, across… Read more To Jamaica, Mon