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Written 22 January, at sea

Before we left, during the deep clean, I was away from the boat and there was a rain shower. Warm rain. By the time I had got back to the boat this had turned into a complete deluge and I was totally soaked. I took off my top and hung it up on the boat to dry. My bra and shorts dried, while I was wearing them, in the sun. Or at least my shorts would have done, if my knickers had! The only way of drying them was under the hand dryer in the ladies loos.

At sea, when I was getting over my seasickness, I was on deck in my clothes and lifejacket. Waves were breaking over the boat so I should have been wearing foul weather gear, or foulies, but if I’d stopped to put them on, I would not have made it on deck at all. I’d have been sent to bed again! I saw a wave coming and, in an attempt to keep my knickers dry, I crouched in the cockpit. To no avail. It was a massive wave and I got totally soaked. Again.

Conclusion: slow-dry knickers under quick-dry shorts just does not work.

Solution: don’t wear any.

So for the time being, I am knickerless.

(So are many of my crewmates, having independently reached the same conclusion.)

Am I wearing any?

Am I wearing any? Bruise not from sailing

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