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“Today I’m going to beast you”

One of the reasons you have a personal trainer is that you know he’s going to make you work hard and get the best out of the time spent in the gym.  Ok, maybe that’s two reasons. There are others.

So when you arrive and he says, “Today I’m going to beast you”, you know you’re in trouble. I was.  Every muscle group we worked aches. This is nothing new, but it was worse than normal. “Today” was Wednesday, the muscles ached until Sunday.

To add to it, he couldn’t count. At the end of three sets of 12 repetitions each, he wanted another two – repetitions not sets.

And there was no rest. My ‘recovery’ for my legs was to exercise my core. When I’d done my core it was straight back to the legs and so on. 

He said the session for the next day would be easier. Well in a relative fashion, it was, I suppose. We used different muscle groups so now they ached as well. These muscles still ache a bit and this is the Monday night.



Lower Back and core muscles

Lower Back and core muscles

I suspect they will be better by the time you read this, just in time for me to have another session with him! He took some photos of these exercises. I was allowed a little time for recovery. Then he had me doing 500m sprints on the rowing machine.

It’s no wonder I get to my swimming and think that’s hard too. Not that my swimming coach likes me breathing while swimming. But that’s another story.



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2 Comment

  1. louiselavender on 3 December 2013 at 14:56

    And I thought 20 minutes on the treadmill was hard work. I’ve just about recovered enough to go to wind band this evening..

    Well done Anita. You’re Ace.

    • bbllr87 on 3 December 2013 at 15:03

      Thanks Anna, 20 minutes on the treadmill can be hard work, with different challenges.

      I did just about manage to get to band on Wednesday night. The legs didn’t want to though. I was watching the euphonium player and thinking about you.

      Enjoy your wind band tonight.