We Won’t Go Hungry

Blakemore in the Community

The Blakemore Foundation has very kindly donated the “bits and pieces” for our promised cream tea.

For our Scones & Shanties concert, thanks to their help, we WILL have cream, jam, butter, tea, coffee, milk, sugar, cold drinks and tissues.

Thank you for helping to fill up our concert-goers!

Now all we need is concert-goers!

Scones & Shanties

Scones & Shanties

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  1. […] Ray and I have a regular meal out with friends at the Bluebell Cider House. For some reason I wasn’t able to attend one day in May but Ray had the flyer with him. He came home all excited as Alan Fox, landlord of the Blue Bell Cider House, had volunteered to provide the sandwiches! Thank you Alan. That one thing changed our approach. We were no longer looking for one sponsor to provide money. We were looking for smaller businesses to provide food. From then on it became easier. Well the food side did!! Scones from Sonja’s Bakehouse and “bits and pieces” from The Blakemore Foundation. […]