Header image: Henri Lloyd in St Katharine Docks before the race start

A night in the White Swan

The night before Crew Allocation we were due to go to a talk by Ellen MacArthur. This was cancelled at short notice due to illness.  Too late to change travel plans, I travelled down to Portsmouth straight after work.  I met Mum and Dad and, hungry,  we ate in the George.

There was a post in the Clipper Facebook group about a meet up in the White Swan pub near the Guildhall instead of the talk.

One of the problems I have with Facebook, but this one I suspect I’m going to have to get over, is associating it with reality.  So I wasn’t really sure that there was going to be any Clipper people there at all.

That was why I didn’t mention it to Mum and Dad when I suggested walking up to the Guildhall.

Of course when we got there, it was full of people wearing red Clipper jackets, and we just had to go in, didn’t we?