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Clothing Crises

Laundry Basket

Laundry Basket

I keep having clothing crises. The sort where you’ve forgotten to do the laundry and you’ve got to magic some clothes from somewhere before you can get dressed. Or is that only me?

Well mine tend to be with a difference – the clothes are clean, just I can’t keep them up. Getting dressed for work one morning in January, I put on four pairs of trousers before I finally found one I could wear – with the waistband turned over.

The other week was the worst though. Brought about by the change of season – you know that hot weather we had for a few days at the beginning of May, the only clothes I had that fitted were the wrong season. Those that were the right season were too big.

Please don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining. It is a wonderful side-effect. But it is a side-effect!

Thank goodness for “mid-season” sales and charity shops. The ones in Hoddesdon have spared my colleagues and friends from some unexpected sights over the last few months!

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  1. Donna on 22 May 2013 at 22:18

    You put on four pairs of trousers? I hope you only put on one pair at a time!

    • bbllr87 on 23 May 2013 at 04:55

      Maybe if I’d put them all on at once, they’d have stayed up!